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Xuyan Loo, Bhavana Nagaraju, Sai Pathivada, Alexander Bartsch, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Robert Sattler, Gareth J. Monkman Electrical properties of bisphenol-A-free magnetoactive borosilicate polymers


Alexander Bartsch, Moritz Burger, Marius Grad, Lukas Esper, Ulrich Schultheiß, Ulf Noster, Thomas Schratzenstaller Enhancement of laser cut edge quality of ultra-thin titanium grade 2 sheets by applying an in-process approach using modulated Yb:YAG continuous wave fiber laser
Alexander Bartsch, Daniela Beham, Jakob Gebhardt, Ingo Ehrlich, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Gareth J. Monkman Mechanical Properties of NdPrFeB Based Magnetoactive Bisphenol-Free Boron-Silicate Polymers
Leon Schaeffer, David Herrmann, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Sebastian Dendorfer, Valter Böhm Preliminary theoretical considerations on the stiffness characteristics of a tensegrity joint for the use in dynamic orthoses


Lisa Obermaier, Karla Lehle, Stefanie Schmid, Christof Schmid, Thomas Schratzenstaller Introduction of a new ex vivo porcine coronary artery model: Evaluation of the direct vascular injury after stent implantation with and without dogbone effect
Andreas Eigenberger, Oliver Felthaus, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Silke Haerteis, Kirsten Utpatel, Lukas Prantl The Effects of Shear Force-Based Processing of Lipoaspirates on White Adipose Tissue and the Differentiation Potential of Adipose Derived Stem Cells


Parastoo Kheiroddin, Patricia Schöberl, Michael Althammer, Ezgi Cibali, Thea Würfel, Hannah Wein, Birgit Kulawik, Heike Buntrock-Döpke, Eva Weigl, Silvia Gran, Magdalena Gründl, Jana Langguth, Benedikt Lampl, Guido Judex, Jakob Niggel, Philipp Pagel, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Wulf Schneider-Brachert, Susanne Gastiger, Mona Bodenschatz, Maike Konrad, Artem Levchuk, Cornelius Roth, David Schöner, Florian Schneebauer, René Rohrmanstorfer, Andreas Burkovski, Andreas Ambrosch, Thomas Wagner, Michael Kabesch Results of WICOVIR Gargle Pool PCR Testing in German Schools Based on the First 100,000 Tests


Lisa Wiesent, Ulrich Schultheiß, Philipp Lulla, Ulf Noster, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Christof Schmid, Aida Nonn, Ashley Spear Computational analysis of the effects of geometric irregularities and post-processing steps on the mechanical behavior of additively manufactured 316L stainless steel stents
Markus A. Geith, Jakob D. Eckmann, Daniel Ch. Haspinger, Emmanouil Agrafiotis, Dominik Maier, Patrick Szabo, Gerhard Sommer, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Gerhard A. Holzapfel Experimental and mathematical characterization of coronary polyamide-12 balloon catheter membranes
Markus A. Geith, Laurenz Nothdurfter, Manuel Heiml, Emmanouil Agrafiotis, Markus Gruber, Gerhard Sommer, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Gerhard A. Holzapfel Quantifying stent-induced damage in coronary arteries by investigating mechanical and structural alterations
Lukas Prantl, Andreas Eigenberger, Silvan Klein, Katharina Limm, Peter J. Oefner, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Oliver Felthaus Shear Force Processing of Lipoaspirates for Stem Cell Enrichment Does Not Affect Secretome of Human Cells Detected by Mass Spectrometry In Vitro


Lisa Wiesent, Ulrich Schultheiss, Christof Schmid, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Aida Nonn Experimentally validated simulation of coronary stents considering different dogboning ratios and asymmetric stent positioning
Markus A. Geith, Krzysztof Swidergal, Bernd Hochholdinger, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Marcus Wagner, Gerhard A. Holzapfel On the importance of modeling balloon folding, pleating, and stent crimping: An FE study comparing experimental inflation tests


Markus A. Geith, Krzysztof Swidergal, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Gerhard A. Holzapfel, Marcus Wagner Numerical analysis of stent delivery systems during pre- and intraoperative processes
Lisa Wiesent, Constantin Hupke, Christian Balk, Ulrich Schultheiss, Thomas Schratzenstaller Optimization of the cardiovascular stent design towards improved expansion behaviour and radial stiffness properties


Markus A. Geith, Gerhard Sommer, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Gerhard A. Holzapfel Biomechanical and structural quantification of vascular damage: A unique investigation of stent implantation
Markus A. Geith, Gerhard Sommer, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Gerhard A. Holzapfel First Approaches in Quantifying Acute Vascular Damage due to Stenting
Lisa Wiesent, Markus A. Geith, Marcus Wagner Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction between injection medium and balloon catheter using ICFD


Rainer Wessely, Jörg Hausleiter, Cornelia Michaelis, Birgit Jaschke, Michael Vogeser, Stefan Milz, Boris Behnisch, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Magdalena Renke-Gluszko, Michael Stöver, Erich Wintermantel, Adnan Kastrati, Albert Schömig Inhibition of neointima formation by a novel drug-eluting stent system that allows for dose-adjustable, multiple, and on-site stent coating
Jörg Hausleiter, Adnan Kastrati, Rainer Wessely, Alban Dibra, Julinda Mehilli, Thomas Schratzenstaller, Isolde Graf, Magdalena Renke-Gluszko, Boris Behnisch, Josef Dirschinger, Erich Wintermantel, Albert Schömig Prevention of restenosis by a novel drug-eluting stent system with a dose-adjustable, polymer-free, on-site stent coating