Academic studies

OTH Regensburg offers numerous degree courses which deal with the field of medicine from a technical or health science perspective:

Bachelor degree programmes

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Master degree programmes

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Bachelor degree programmes

The Biomedical Engineering degree programme trains engineers who are confident of moving between medicine and engineering.

This degree program – unique in Bavaria – is offered by the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (Technical university of Applied Sciences) in close collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of Regensburg University and the University Hospital Regensburg. The degree program is designed to provide practice-based well-founded education in informatics with large parts of programming and mathematics, as well as classic topics like data bases and communication systems.

The aim of this B.Sc. course is to provide midwives with the knowledge and skills to enable them to act on a sound scientific basis and to incorporate the latest scientific findings into their professional work. The course is structured so that theoretical study phases at the Hochschule alternate with periods of practical work. These will take place in both clinical and non-clinical environments – in obstetrics, advising and caring for expectant mothers as well as looking after mother and child in childbed.

By offering integrated vocational training, the course enables students to acquire the capacity for thought and action that is both scientific and evidence-based while at the same time thoroughly practical, to perfect their therapy-related critical thinking ability and to develop the knowledge and skills needed for a future career in therapy, research, teaching or management.

Providing a university education as part of training for the care professions can help to close this predicted gap in the numbers of highly qualified carers. The Dual BSc in Care is an opportunity to combine vocational training with a degree programme and will open up attractive job and career prospects in the health sector.

The course places particular emphasis on teaching specialist knowledge and HRM know-how in areas such as management and leadership or HR development. Students will also gain skills in a variety of management spheres such as process and quality management as well as project management.

The aim is to train care managers capable of tackling the complex tasks of healthcare management with a high level of specialist skills.

The primary aim of the BSc in Physiotherapy is to train physiotherapists to become reflective practitioners capable of acting according to scientifically sound principles and of building up-to-date scientific knowledge into their professional work.

Master degree programmes

The MSc in Medical Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers you a qualification that will fit you for demanding positions in industrial businesses and for possible PhD projects. This MSc course is a joint study programme being offered by OTH Regensburg and OTH Amberg-Weiden universities of applied sciences with the focus on the two specific areas of ‘Research and Development’ and ‘Technology and Systems’.

Der Studiengang stellt eine Vertiefung des Bachelorstudiums dar und vermittelt mit dem Schwerpunkt "Medizinische Informatik" spezifische Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten.

This consecutive Master course in clinical care is aimed at graduates of care-related Bachelor degree courses.

The course is being offered by Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) in partnership with the Evangelische Stiftungshochschule Nürnberg (EvHN), with lectures taking place in both Regensburg and Nuremberg.