Who we are

The Regensburg Center of Health Sciences and Technology at OTH Regensburg pools the extensive expertise and numerous activities in teaching, research and further education in the fields of medical engineering / medical informatics and health and social sciences, develops them further and strengthens their scientific foundation. -> RCHST Competencies


Existing cooperations and networks will be enlarged, intensified and new ones initiated. RCHST acts as a platform for active exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation within OTH Regensburg and with partners from industry, services and science in the region.

OTH Regensburg thus addresses current social developments and tasks like the demographic development in Germany, the medical-technical progress, the digitization in medicine as well as the growing health consciousness. The demand for services in the fields of health, care and support is increasing, as well as the need for further development of technical processes and products in the medical and health sector.

RCHST consists of twelve member laboratories. It is headed by a scientific board of directors and supported by a managing director: -> RCHST Persons