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RCHST offers you expertise, research and development on IT-related, technical, health science and social issues in the medical and health context. In particular, we can offer you the following services:

Institute for Social Research and Technology Assessment (IST)


  • Socioscientific survey research, evaluations and monitoring, technology assessment, innovation and technology impact research, social, legal and ethical aspects (ELSA) of technology, acceptance issues.

Focus on information and communication technology (ICT), life and health sciences, energy and mobility.

Contract research

  • Carrying out of studies, evaluations and surveys
  • Preparation of expertises and reports
  • Consultancy for companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions
  • Literature research and studies
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Delphi studies and scenario building
  • Technology evaluation with MEESTAR

Focus on information and communication technology (ICT), healthcare, energy and mobility.

Laboratory for Technology Assessment and Applied Ethics
Management: Prof. Dr. Karsten Weber

Laboratory for Social Research
Management: Prof. Dr. Sonja Haug


  • Analysis of blood flows in vessels and artificial geometries
  • Measurement of air flow in respiratory tracts and ventilators
  • Support and contract measurements with optical flow measurement technology
  • Advice to flow-related topics concerning extracorporeal blood circulation and ventilation

Management: Prof. Dr. Lars Krenkel


  • 3D motion analysis (e.g. gait analysis) with camera-based or cameraless measuring systems
  • Muscle activity measurement

Management: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Dendorfer

Medical Devices

Support in the development of medical devices in compliance with regulatory requirements

Medical Devices
Management: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schratzenstaller


  • Consultancy for public institutions and independent health and social service providers, government institutions and associations in the context of speech therapy
  • Development and implementation of surveys
  • Evaluation of the application and effectiveness of products for logopaedic diagnostics or therapy as well as preventive measures

Management: Prof. Dr. Norina Lauer

Nursing Science

  • Consultancy for public institutions (hospitals, schools), independent organisations of social, health, youth, elderly, at risk and disabled welfare, government institutions (ministries, regional and municipal administrations), non-governmental institutions (associations, interest groups), trade unions, companies on health issues in the context of care
    • e.g. prevention, health promotion and rehabilitation
    • Patient safety and prevention of violence
    • Strengthening of nursing competence and nursing knowledge
    • Quality assurance
  • Development and implementation of studies, surveys, evaluations and expertises
  • Support for the transfer of scientific results into practice (accompanying research)

Nursing Science
Management: Prof. Dr. Christa Mohr


Evaluation of the usability, appropriateness and efficacy of products that are used or can/should be used in diagnostics or therapy.

Management: Prof. Dr. Andrea Pfingsten