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At OTH Regensburg you can expect competent contacts in the following laboratories and areas:


  • Social, legal and ethical aspects (ELSA) of technology
  • Ethical accompanying research
  • Technology evaluation
    ...with a focus on health, information and communication technology, mobility and cyber security
  • Technology assessment
  • Innovation and technology impact research
  • Acceptance issues
  • Sustainability
    ...with a focus on health, information and communication technology, mobility and cyber security


  • Information security for eHealth and telemedicine
  • Identity management in healthcare
  • eHealth applications of the electronic health card
  • Electronic patient files, standards and interoperability
  • Artificial Intelligence, in particular deep learning
  • Computer-aided diagnosis through machine learning
  • Segmentation: object recognition and delineation
  • Image classification and feature extraction
  • Image registration, linear and non-linear
  • Virtual reality, especially haptic components


  • Numerical and experimental flow investigation cardiovascular system and in airways artificial organs (ECMO, dialysis, blood pumps, etc.). microchannels (innovative cancer therapy, blood rheology)
  • Mock-loop development (working heart, hemolysis)
  • Insect and sport aerodynamics
  • Motion analysis
  • Numerical simulation of the musculoskeletal system
  • Ergonomic questions
  • Influence of stress on the musculoskeletal system
  • Non-active implants
  • Minimally invasive implantation techniques
  • Additive manufacturing of medical devices
  • Quality management for medical device manufacturers
  • Regulatory affairs of medical devices
  • Biocompatibility
  • Cardiovascular system, ENT surgery, plastic surgery


  • Digitization in speech therapy
  • Digitally supported communication
  • Tablet-based biography work
  • Health-related quality of life
  • Health-related self-help

Nursing Science

  • Clinical nursing research
  • Health care research, in particular on prevention, counselling and old age
  • Nursing organisation, nursing profession and professionalisation
  • Patient and family education
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Digitization in physiotherapy
  • Intervention development and evaluation
  • Care research
  • Outpatient physiotherapy
  • Quantitative and qualitative empirical studies
  • Socioscientific survey research
  • Evaluations
  • Monitoring